What is Contempo?

Professional audio production services and crafted music,
composed exclusively for your amazing creative stories.


Digital Compositions

Need that great piece of music for your next project? Our friendly team of musicians are available to craft a score for films, trailers, corporate videos, infomercials, vlogs or games.

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Music Editing

Do you have a track that just doesn't sound right? We have a wealth of experience in fixing audio problems, such as quantizing, cleaning, converting, mixing and equalizing.

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Sound can increase brand association by 96%, so if your business or product needs a catchy tune, we can compose the right jingle exclusively for your brand's audio identity.

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If your budget doesn't quite stretch to our customized music, don't worry -
we also have an impressive catalogue of over 33000 royalty-free music compositions,
logos, idents and sound effects for you to choose from at a more affordable price.
Need A Voice?

Together with our collaborative partners, we can also arrange for professional voice talents to breath life into your script. Featuring voice talents speaking over 100 languages and accents in a huge array of styles, roles and categories, we can help find the ideal voice for you.
Ask about our audio production services.
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